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Thea Kozakis

Professor Lisa Kaltenegger
Thea Kozakis

Research interests: exoplanets and habitability

In May 2013 I received B.S. degrees in physics and astrophysics from the College of Charleston, where I worked with Joe Carson on directly imaging exoplanets.

Currently, I am a third year graduate student working as a part of the Carl Sagan Institute with Dr. Lisa Kaltenegger studying the photochemistry of Earth-like planets in the habitable zones of white dwarfs.  In addition, I am also studying the age-rotation-activity relation of Kepler field stars with Dr. James Lloyd.

In the department I am an officer for our graduate student organization (Astronomy Grads Network or AGN), a member of Cornell's Ask an Astronomer team, and the outreach coordinator of Museum in the Dark and the Cornell Astronomy 4-H Focus for Teams workshop.  In the past I have been a teaching assistant for the department's introductory astronomy courses as well as Alex Hayes's writing class on Solar System exploration.

Outside of work I enjoy playing the piano, knitting, dancing, and attempting to keep the sea monkeys that live on my desk alive.



Publications: J. Carson, C. Thalmann, M. Janson, T. Kozakis, et. al. 2013, Apj, 763, L32 "Direct Imaging Discovery of a "Super Jupiter" Around the Late B-Type Star Kappa And"


T. Boyajian, et. al. 2016, MNRAS, "Planet Hunters X. KIC 8462852: Where's the flux?"