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Donald B. Campbell

Professor Emeritus of Astronomy
Donald B. Campbell
Specialty Areas

Radio and Radar Astronomy

Research Projects

Surface properties of planets and satellites at radio wavelengths., Surface properties of comets and near earth asteroids at radio wavelength., US Square Kilometer Array Consortium, High resolution radar studies of the lunar polar regions


Don Campbell has been Professor of Astronomy at Cornell since 1987. Prior to coming to the Cornell campus he was Director of the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico for seven years and remains closely associated with the Observatory as Associate Director of its parent institution, the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center. Campbell's research work is in the general area of planetary studies with a concentration on the radio- wavelength-scattering properties of planets, planetary satellites and small bodies. He makes extensive use of the high powered radar systems on the Arecibo telescope. Recently, working with past and present Cornell graduate students, he has "explored" the polar regions of the Moon looking for evidence of ice deposits, studied the radar scattering properties of the icy satellites of Jupiter and Saturn, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Titan and Iapetus, and used the polarization properties of the reflected radar signals to investigate surficial deposits on the surface of Venus and to look for regoliths on near earth asteroids.

Selected Publications
  • Magellan Observations of Extended Impact Crater Related Features on the Surface of Venus, D.B. Campbell, N. J. S. Stacy, W. I. Newman, R. E. Arvidson, E. M. Jones, G. S. Musser, A. Y. Roper, and C. Schaller, J. Geophys. Res. 97 (El 0), 16,249, 1992.
  • Arecibo Radar Mapping of the Lunar Poles: A Search for Ice Deposits, N.J.S. Stacy, D.B. Campbell, and P.G. Ford, Science, 276, 1527, 1997.
  • Surface Processes in the Venus Highlands: Results from Analysis of Magellan and Arecibo Data, B.A. Campbell, D.B. Campbell, and C.H. DeVries, JGR-Planets, 104(E1), 1897, 1999.
  • The Topography of the Lunar Poles from Radar Interferometry: A Survey of Cold Trap Locations, J-L. Margot, D.B. Campbell, R.F. Jurgens, and M.A. Slade, Science, 284, 1658, 1999.
  • Icy Galilean Satellites: Modeling Radar Reflectivities as a Coherent Backscatter Effect, G.J. Black, D.B. Campbell, and P.D. Nicholson, Icarus, 151, 167-180, June 2001.
  • Binary Asteroids in the Near-Earth Population, J.L. Margot, M.C. Nolan, L.A. Benner, S.J. Ostro, R.F. Jurgens, J.D. Giorgini, M.A. Slade, D.B. Campbell, Science, 296, 1445-1448, 2002.
  • Radar Evidence for Liquid Surfaces on Titan, D.B. Campbell, G.J. Black, L.M. Carter and S.J. Ostro, Science Express, Oct 2, 2003.