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David Chernoff

Professor of Astronomy, Director of Graduate Studies
David  Chernoff
Specialty Areas

Theoretical Astrophysics 

 Research Projects
Chernoff's current research interests encompass cosmology, quantum mechanics, statistics and numerical methods for solving analytically intractable problems in physics. One exciting intersection of these different interests involves exploring constraints that astrophysical observations can place on the fundamental theories of physics and cosmology that have emerged over the past two decades.
Selected Publications
  • David F. Chernoff and S.-H. Henry Tye, ``Cosmic String Detection via Microlensing of Stars'', arXiv:0709.1139 (2007).
  • David F. Chernoff, ``Clustering of Superstring Loops'', arXiv:0908.4077 (2009).
  • Paul E. Grabowski and David F. Chernoff, ``Pseudospectral calculation of the wave function of helium and the negative hydrogen ion'', Physical Review A, 81, 032508 (2010).
  • Sharvari Nadkarni-Ghosh and David F. Chernoff, ``Extending the domain of validity of the Lagrangian approximation'', MNRAS 410, 1454 (2010).
  • Paul E. Grabowski and David F. Chernoff, ``Pseudospectral calculation of helium wave functions, expectation values, and oscillator strength'', Physical Review A, 84, 042505 (2011).
  • Kunlaya Soiaporn, David Chernoff, Thomas Loredo, David Ruppert and Ira Wasserman, "Multilevel Bayesian Framework for Modeling the Production, Propagation and Detection of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays'', arXiv:1206.4569 (2012).
  • Jolyon K. Bloomfield and David F. Chernoff, ``Cosmic String Loop Microlensing'', arXiv:1311.7132
  • Drew Clausen, Steinn Sigurdsson and David F. Chernoff, ``Dynamically formed black hole+millisecond pulsar binaries in globular clusters", arXiv:1404.7502
  • David F. Chernoff and S.-H. Henry Tye, ``Inflation, String Theory and Cosmology", arXiv:1412.0579
  • Dustin Madison, David F. Chernoff and James M. Cordes, ``Pulsar Timing Perturbations from Galactic Gravitational Wave Bursts with Memory", arXiv:1710.04974
  • David F. Chernoff and S.-H. Henry Tye, ``Detection of Low Tension Cosmic Superstrings", arXiv:1712.05060

An oscillating cosmic superstring