Department of Astronomy Center for Radiophysics & Space Research

Cristóbal Armaza

Professor Saul Teukolsky

A first-year student, Cristóbal's main research interests include theoretical astrophysics, general relativity, compact objects and cosmology. Born and raised in Chile, he obtained a BS and a MS in astrophysics from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC). At PUC he investigated the consequences of assuming barotropic equations of state in modeling the stable magnetic equilibria in compact stars. Before joining Cornell, he moved to PUC's physics department as a research assistant, working on the dynamics of spinning particles in curved spacetimes and the Hamiltonian formulation of general relativity. He also served as a tutor for PUC-based "Bling Bling Universe" project, where high-school students get introduced to basic concepts in astrophysics and data analysis through weekly workshops. Besides science and outreach, Cristóbal also enjoys playing music, juggling, outdoor activities and helping people learn Spanish.