Department of Astronomy Center for Radiophysics & Space Research

A New View of the High Energy Universe: Science Highlights from the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) Mission

2Monday, May. 2
Fiona Harrison, California Institute of Technology
4:00 PM
Schwartz Auditorium, Rockefeller Hall

The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, the first focusing high-energy X-ray  (3 – 79 keV) telescope in orbit, extends sensitive X-ray observations above the band pass where Chandra and XMM-Newton operate.   With an unprecedented combination of sensitivity, spectral and imaging resolution above 10 keV, NuSTAR is advancing our understanding of black holes, neutron stars, and supernova remnants.  I will describe the mission, and present science highlights to-date spanning from probing the regions within a few gravitational radii of black holes to understanding the mechanisms that make massive stars explode.