Department of Astronomy Center for Radiophysics & Space Research

ASTR 2212: The Solar System: Planets, Small Bodies & New Worlds

Credit Hours4

Intended for first and second year engineering and physical sciences
students. Prerequisite: introductory calculus or coregistration in Math
111 or 191; some knowledge of classical physics (mechanics and

Typically OfferedSpring

Introduction to the solar system with emphasis on the quantitative
application of simple physical principles to the understanding of what
we observe or can deduce. Topics include the Sun and the interior
processes that control its luminosity, the interiors, surfaces and
atmospheres of the planets including the effects of greenhouse gases,
satellites and small bodies, orbits of solar system bodies and the
search for extra-solar planets. Results from past and current spacecraft
missions will be discussed including the Cassini mission to the Saturn
system and the Mars Exploration Rovers.